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Malta is a paradise with lots of sunny days and a fantastic nature.

In the middle of the Mediterranean's azure sea you will find the little sunbeam, Malta. The island state is a known destination for those seeking a little piece of paradise on earth.

Here you will find the most beautiful setting for the perfect beach holiday where the whole family can relax and enjoy each other's company. The clear sea is great, when you want to cool down from the sun, which the island enjoys all year round.

With a population of 400,000 people and half the size of Bornholm, Malta is one of the most densely populated islands in the world. Malta consists of three inhabited islands: Malta, Gozo and Cominotto and several uninhabited islands. Maltese is the national language of Malta, but due to its history as a former British colony, English is also perceived as an official language among the population.



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Approx. 3.5 hours

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History and culture

Malta has throughout history been attractive due to its location in the Mediterranean. The island contains therefore several cultural marks from the various occupying powers. The people are very proud of their history and culture, so they are often very forthcoming about it.

If you want to get a unique experience, Mediterraneo Marine Park offers their guests that they can get out and swim with dolphins. Marine Biologists also gives participants a glimpse of dolphins' living conditions both in the wild and in captivity.

Are you more interested in the unique coral sea that surrounds the island state, there is also the opportunity to get out and snorkel. Malta's stunning natural surroundings can be explored on foot, if you are into hiking and picnicking.

The Maltese cuisine

The Maltese cuisine consists of typical Mediterranean cuisine with a touch of English cuisine. As a former colony, several of the island's dishes are inspired by former rulers' food culture. Therefore, some dishes are served with fries, while others are served with pasta - inspired by Italian cuisine.

The culinary culture also consists largely of using the raw materials that are given for the season, so the menu is often guided by the season. Malta has in the past not been granted the best farming potentials, which also characterizes their kitchen. Instead they used more fresh vegetables and bread to the local dishes, such as the national dish, rabbit stew or fish, lampuca, served with caper sauce. Malta also has its own delicacies that characterize the Maltese kitchen, where the Maltese cheese made from goat's milk and rolled in pepper, is the best known. Also wine production on the island has improved over the years, so it can be clearly recommended to taste the local wines.

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